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An office worker takes five of its water intake for a day to drink directly from the office. It also plays a significant role in the health of the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the water quality problem for the office people to drink water. What are the disadvantages of the common drinking water system of the office?

Once the barreled water is installed on the water dispenser, the bacteria in the air enter the sealed bucket with the air, and the air is supplemented continuously during the process of releasing water. It will also make the original qualified barreled water multiply, causing pollution of water and water dispenser.

The disease control experts tracked the barreled water: after 5 days of Kaifeng, the sanitary condition of the barreled water declined sharply, and the qualified rate of seventh days was only 20%. To tenth days, all the tested barreled water and the total number of bacterial colonies exceeded the standard. What are the drawbacks of barreled water?

1, the two pollution of the barreled water is inevitable

Experts say that the two pollution of bottled water is unavoidable. No exception is the employment of bicycles and tricycles, and the whole process of water delivery is greatly influenced by the time, climate, environment and personnel quality, and the possibility of "two pollution" is very great. The barreled water also has a "thousand water rolling" problem. The barreled water is heated repeatedly in the water dispenser. It will form a "thousand water rolling water", which seems clean, but it is actually a concentrated liquid of heavy metals, arsenic and other harmful substances.

2. extra time service bucket becomes bacteria breeding "paradise"

According to the insiders, according to the regulations, every bucket will be scrapped after 100 times of repeated use. Experts say scrap barrels are often the "paradise of bacteria". Some small barreled water manufacturers do not sterilize the recycled bucket seriously, simply scour the water in the tap water and use it, causing a lot of bacteria to breed in the bucket. The "black bucket" is not completely out of the market. The phenomenon of the bucket service is serious. The waste barrels that should be eliminated are still in great use, which causes great pollution to the barreled water.

3. black water, black bucket: the health hazards of the pernicious influence of infinity

"Black heart water" refers to the barreled water which is directly filled with tap water by illegal traders. The polymer in the industrial waste of "black heart bucket" will exudate in the water environment. This is an organic pollutant that can cause human cancer to cause cancer. People who drink black heart barrels do not feel at once, but are like chronic poisoning. The harm will be shown after many years. Drinking these poor barreled water for a long time will also damage the digestive system and nervous system, causing dizziness, stomachache and even carcinogenesis.

4. "dead water"

The storage period of barreled water should not exceed 2 days, because drinking old water will affect health. It is understood that the age of water is fast. Water molecules are long chain structures. If water is not often strongly impacted, the chain structure expands and extends, becomes aging water, commonly known as "dead water".  There are fewer office workers and a bucket of water will take 7 to 10 days. This "stagnant water" will do great harm to health. In recent years, the incidence of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer is increasing in many areas. Experts believe that it is related to the long storage of stagnant water.

5. bacterial contamination of water dispenser, water can not be fired

The special electric LV structure of the drinking machine causes the water dispenser to be very easily contaminated by bacteria. First, the heat temperature of the drinking water mechanism is 86 degrees and the cooling temperature is 5 degrees. Instead, the bacteria can not kill the bacteria, but it is very suitable for the bacteria to propagate. After drinking this water machine, thousands of bacteria are trapped. The mechanism of drinking water heat is 86 degrees, and water cannot be boiled. It is not suitable for brewing tea.

6. big cost

If there are 100 employees in barreled water enterprises and institutions, the annual average water consumption is about 10 thousand yuan, which is a great cost. It is different according to the situation of each unit.

7. inconvenient

During the peak period of water consumption, it often calls three times and five times, and can not deliver water to the door. The user keeps drinking water for a long time. After-sales service is not in place. Some manufacturers stop drinking water after users subscribe to water, and users hold water tickets without water.

With the drawbacks of barreled water exposed, people began to search for a more suitable and healthy way of drinking. The way of drinking water in offices is constantly changing.

Water is the source of human life. The purified water of direct drinking water is to remove impurities that are harmful to the water quality, so as to fully guarantee the cleanliness, reassurance and delicious taste of drinking water. The source of direct drinking water comes from tap water, that is to say, instant drinking is convenient and healthy.

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