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Quality assurance and long life

Advanced production and testing equipment, strong technical strength.

Cheaper accessories

To provide more reliable products and products with reasonable structure and high efficiency.

More advanced technology

Provide support for life-long technology and accessories;

Rich practical experience

Develop efficient, durable and easy to use products to serve customers.

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Professional brand of stainless steel stamping centrifugal pumps

highly rated by customers

Focus on centrifugal pump R & D, strong and secure.

Specializing in the production of stainless steel centrifugal pump Yuehua brand enterprise

Guangdong Winning Pumps Industrial Co., Ltd. is a scientific research, production and sales enterprise specializing in the production of Yuehua brand stainless steel centrifugal pump.

It is ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and GB/T28001:2001 certification enterprises.

great R & D strength is your biggest backup

Research and manufacture experience of centrifugal pumps for many years

The Yuehua CYB series stainless steel stamping and welding centrifugal pump mainly consists of the pump body, the impeller, the rear cover, the seal ring and other components. It is made of SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel.

It has good anti-oxidation property, strong corrosion resistance to oxidizing acid (such as nitric acid), corrosion resistance to alkali solution and most organic acids and inorganic acids. It has high strength and stable corrosion resistance. Mechanical seal is adopted for sealing.

Rigorous quality management process to ensure high quality products.

Multinomial international quality certification

Centrifugal pump Yuehua brand CYB series stainless steel stamping and welding products, is to fill the gaps.

The national invention patent (Patent No. ZL99111134.6), the production license issued by the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and the stainless steel stamping centrifugal pump are the products of renewal and replacement. The stamping and welding technology used by them is a major innovation in the manufacturing process of the pump.

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Master core technology

The company has leading advanced technology and equipment such as water pressure expansion and laser welding. And has authorized international PCT invention patents and Chinese patents. Production to the international advanced level.

A senior R & D expert team can undertake all special operation conditions and design and manufacture of special medium pump needs.

TEL: 0662-3150050

TEL: 0662-3150050

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Guangdong Winning Pumps Industrial Co., Ltd. Is an ISO900:2008、ISO14001:2004,GB/T28001:2001 certified enterprise that specializes in researches, manufactures and sales of the Yuehua brand serial stainless steel stamping&welding centrifugal pumps.The company equiped with domestic adcanced equipment such as water pressure forming machine, laser welding machine etc.The company owns the patent of China and ....

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