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Pump shaft action and structure

The function of the pump shaft is to transmit power and drive the pump impeller to roll. The pump shaft is usually supported by bearing, with a coupling or a pulley at one end, and the impeller is fixed at the other end or middle. The axial flow pump shaft is slender, and it has chromium or stainless steel sleeve on the contact surface between rubber bearings and fillers, so as to increase wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Pump shaft inspection

After the pump runs for a period of time, the pump shaft will bend and wear, mainly due to the uneven assembly of the impeller, the dynamic shaft and the chestnut axis, the belt pull too tight, the bearing installation skew, bad lubrication and so on, so that the pump shaft is worn or bent early. After such a phenomenon occurs, it should be tested in time to ensure the normal operation of the pump, otherwise it will cause the imbalance of the rotor and the wear of the news department. It is preliminarily confirmed that after the bending of the pump shaft, it is necessary to straighten or replace it.

Effect and structure of impeller

The function of water pump impeller is to transfer the mechanical energy of the power machine to the water supply and increase the energy of the water. The impeller is made up of a blade and a wheel hub. Impeller is closed, semi closed and open.

QW series of non blocking mobile submersible pumps

Impeller inspection

Impeller wear or shatter the general reason for the impeller unbalance or improper installation; because the shaft of the pump, pump shaft and power machine shaft is not concentric, the impeller is broken, angry, producing honeycomb like floated. If impeller wear too much or has been broken, new impeller should be replaced generally.

Action and structure of pressurized water chamber

The function of the water pressure chamber is to eliminate the rotational motion of the water and transform it into pressure energy, so as to send water to the outlet pipe or the next impeller. The common pressure chamber of centrifugal pump and mixed flow pump is spiral, called vortex shell. Volute usually uses single-stage suction, single stage double suction and multi stage open water pump. The water pump chamber consists of a vortex shell and a guide vane.

Pressurized water chamber test

Because of cold and hot, too high pressure or improper installation and other reasons, cracks may occur in volute or guide vane. Where the crack is not long and the sealing requirements are not strict, each hole can be drilled at one end of the crack, so that the crack will no longer expand.

As a temporary solution. Cold and hot welding shall be applied to the parts with large cracks and strict sealing requirements.

In addition, during the operation of the pump, close attention should be paid to the parts and devices of the mouth ring, bearing, elbow, shaft seal and other parts. It is found that the fault should be checked in time to ensure the normal operation of the pump.

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