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First, if there is any small fault in the sewage pump, remember that sewage pump can not let it work. If the packing of the pump shaft is completely worn, it should be added in time. If we continue to use the pump, it will leak. The direct effect is the increase of motor energy consumption and the damage of impeller.

Two, if the sewage pump in the use of the process of strong vibration in the process must stop to check what is the reason, otherwise the same will cause damage to the pump.

Three, when the sewage pump bottom valve leakage, some people will pump valve accessories into the water pump inlet pipe, water to the end of the valve, such practice is not advisable. Because when the dry soil is put into the inlet pipe as the water pump starts to work, the dry soil will enter the pump, and the pump impeller and bearing will be damaged, which shortens the life of the pump. When the valve Water Leakage must take to repair, if it is serious that need to replace the new.

Four, the sewage pump must be taken care of after the use of the pump, for example, when the pump is finished, the water in the water pump should be cleaned. It is best to unload the water pipe and rinse with water.

Five, the belt on the sewage pump should also be unloaded. Then rinse it with water and dry it in the light. Do not put the tape in a damp and dark place. The adhesive tape of the pump must not be stained with oil, nor should it be coated with sticky things on the adhesive tape.

Six, to carefully check whether there is a crack on the impeller, the impeller is fixed on the bearing is loose, if there are cracks and loose phenomena to be repaired in time, if the sewage pump impeller is also to clean up the soil.

Seven, the interface between the pump and the pipeline must be well sealed, because if there is any debris entering, it will cause damage to the internal of the sewage pump.

Eight, the bearing on the sewage pump is also the focus of inspection, after the use of inspection bearings whether there is wear, if the pump used long time, the bearing small ball will be broken, so when the pump after the use of the bearings is better to apply a layer of lubricating oil to better protect the pump bearings.

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