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What should be paid attention to the selection of corrosion resistant pump? Based on the basic data of pump selection, we should pay attention to the following aspects when selecting corrosion pump.

(1) the process of the location of the pump. According to the flow of the pump should be resistant to Pei, determine the reasonable flow and head of the pump and other basic parameters. Usually, considering the normal wear and speed change of pump, it may cause the head to decrease, so the pump head can have 2% to 5% margin when selecting pump. But the maximum should not exceed 10%. The fundamental principle is to ensure that the pump runs in an efficient range. Otherwise, the information of pump inlet can be obtained through the process of corrosion-resistant pump, so as to provide the calculation of equipment cavitation allowance.

(2) the corrosivity of medium and the selection of centrifugal pumps for chemical industry. Because the variety of chemical medium is complex, the properties are different, the exact characteristic parameters, especially the corrosion, concentration, volatility, vaporization pressure, viscosity, density and so on, are closely related to the selection of data, not only metal data, but also the interaction of non-metallic data and medium.

(3) the temperature of the medium. Temperature has a serious impact on the selection of chemical pumps, such as the support method of the pump body, the planning of the cooling (or heat preservation) system, which are closely related to the temperature of the medium.

(4) the selection of the main shaft seal and its auxiliary system.

According to practical cases, the main shaft seal causes a high percentage of the unit faults, and some cases can reach 30% to 40%. Therefore, the key to the selection of the main shaft seal is the key. In addition to the physical and chemical properties of the medium, two main parameters should be decipher for the sealing cavity pressure and the medium temperature in the sealing cavity.

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