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For family and life, our ultimate pursuit is good-looking, good living and warm style.

A very comfortable and pleasant bath, use not finished hot water, body feel comfortable and water saving, hot water does not need to adjust the temperature is just right, wash without cleaning and clean as new... In fact, good bath experience, combined with good water, water pressure, water filter and other elements.

So we must integrate water experience well.

Now speaking of water, besides bathing experience, water is also playing the leading role in diet.

If you like to make tea at home, there is also a requirement for this water.

Water purifier, Tim net

Why should the water purifier be installed

Many people envy the tap water from abroad, and they can drink directly.

I used to think that the moon is round and the water quality is much better than ours. Later, I knew that the water coming from the domestic water supply company is not bad, which is similar to the bottled water usually bought.

And obstructing our dream of drinking directly to the tap is actually the two pollution of tap water. The two pollution is probably the old water pipe from the waterworks to your home. It may also be the storage tank with two times of water supply in its own district.

Then what will be more in the water after the rusty water pipe and the high water storage?

Solid suspended matter, such as sand, rust and so on;

Bacterial viruses, algae, these microbes;

Calcium magnesium, chloride and other inorganic substances;

These heavy metals such as mercury, lead and so on;

Chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, cleaners and disinfectants.

So some people say that the current situation of drinking water can not be changed so fast. We must make efforts first. So that the home decoration water purifier system seems almost the future trend of life.

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